Gain Size and Strength Fast Purely Potent Labs Liquid RAD140 SARM

Gain Size and Strength Fast Purely Potent Labs Liquid RAD140 SARM

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SARMs can increase muscle growth and fat loss mimicking steroids, but to a lesser degree and without all the side effects.

Purely Potent Labs RAD140 (Testolone) liquid droppers is a compound belonging to a molecular class known as SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators). SARMs bind to testosterone’s AR (androgen receptor or NR3C4), which is the main place of action.

This product has been formulated for the prevention of muscle loss plus cancer-induced bone density, particularly breast cancer. RAD140 binds selectively to specific ARs in your body as a selective androgen receptor modulator.

Benefits of Liquid RAD140:
As I previously mentioned, Purely Potent Liquid RAD140 is truly a miracle SARM. It can be used for a variety of different uses. Just like YK-11, it can be used for both cutting and bulking cycles. I personally like to include testolone in all of my cycles. You can also “recomp” with RAD140 The goal of a recomp is to lose fat while you build muscle.

Liquid RAD140 Builds Muscle:
If you’re looking to build some serious muscle mass, Liquid RAD140 is a great choice. Initial studies showed that patients taking testolone saw a large increase of muscle mass that was not found with the placebo group. For more serious muscle growth, you can consider stacking it with LGD 4033.

Another positive effect of Liquid RAD140 is it’s ability to burn fat. It’s very similar to testosterone in this aspect. You can stack it with ostarine or cardarine to increase fat loss in your cycle, but RAD140 works great as a standalone compound as well.

30 Servings

1 ML = 10 MG

Shake well before
Recommended dose is 1ml per day – Squeeze the dropper 2-3 times

Sold For Research Purpose Only:
Research subjects showed increased in muscle growth, and strength, and/or bodyfat reduction.

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